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Engineering Systems

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Information Technology Systems

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Surveillance/Security Systems

Eliminating Uncertainties

The NoviaWorks Story

He was always your 'run-to' friend, because he was a fixer! Always willing to lend a hand, he developed careless abilities into reliable capacity! Today this translates into a 360-degrees awareness in multifaceted sectors on everyday endeavors. This background readiness created a supernova energy upon an octane-blend with formal methods of Systems Engineering: Simplifying complexities, Optimizing objectives, a network of like-minds found value in coexistence and purpose in providing solutions to existential problems, since June 2013, they stopped being individuals but became Novia Works Network LLC.

We are coming from the future and taking you there >>> Since June 2013

Service Options

From PLC Programming to Instrumentation and Control, we serve industrial automation needs for optimal productivity. Including OEM Retrofitting.

Simplify business office processes with Digitization and Cloud Archiving, ERP, CRM, and customizable softwares to ease arduous tasks and reduce process errors.

The future is sustainable energy! We stop at nothing to provide cutting-edge Renewable Energy solutions, from Solar Inverters to Windmills and Hydro power.

Assets and Vehicle Tracking is part of our service options, including sales and installation of CCTV Systems for home and office workstations. With after installation services to guarantee performance!our ry aerospace projects.

Controlling vehicular and pedestrian access using biometrics, proximity sensors, magnetic cards can ensure efficient traffic monitoring and authentication. We offer adequate options for personal facilities, public facilities, clubs and parking lots.

We pride ourselves in excellent Design and Development of Web and Mobile Apps, Digital Marketing, B2B and B2P Solutions for Individuals and Small Businesses! We also render smart Animations, Design and Illustrations of infographics and general IT Consultancy.

Career & Jobs

Working at NoviaWorks Network LLC is a process that guarantees 'becoming'. Whilst many desire to have, we advance work ethics that shapes the mind of the member! Competence and Reliability is our primary criteria for selection, retention and promotion, if you think living is way harder than trying, & dare!

Word on the street!

  • It has never been about location, it has always been about the clarity of purpose and ability to execute. NoviaWorks demonstrates promise, in every way. The type we can count on!

    Augustine Alabama
    CEO Al-Dynasty
  • Say No more....there are ends to the seas but its waters flows without ends...Novia works Network LLC only leave its customers in a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious state that even words will fail the gradoliquent.

    Bar Oga Eshovo
    Principal, Oboro and Co. (Legal Practitioners)
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    David Emokpare
    COO, Uvact Technologies