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Corporate Profile

Our Identity

Our Vision

To become a viable network that creates and advances affordable solutions for Africa's existential limitations.

Our Mission

To identify with definition every limitation in personal and corporate daily operations, with the aim of augmenting the methods and optimizing performance outputs!

Our Strategy

Competence and Reliability! We will ALWAYS know the problem and ALWAYS know how to execute best solution in the desired time scope, consistently!

Our Core Values


NoviaWorks Story

He was always your 'run-to' friend, because he was a fixer! Always willing to lend a hand, he developed careless abilities into reliable capacity!

Today this translates into a 360-degrees awareness in multifaceted sectors on everyday endeavors. This background readiness created a supernova energy upon an octane-blend with formal methods of Systems Engineering: Simplifying complexities, Optimizing objectives, a network of like-minds found value in coexistence and purpose in providing solutions to existential problems, since June 2013, they stopped being individuals but became Novia Works Network LLC.


We have identified that to be reliable, we must be competent. Mastery is a culture of deliberate practise. We know this! And we are proud to say we practise!


Anyone can do! We know this! Thus, we prefer to do better! When we deliver, we have resolved to exceed your expectation. This is what we mean by optimization! 

Value Addition

Cost is often measurable, but value is time-dependent. Value is what we offer and this is what you pay for! So, for every order, there is a special offer! 

Our Strength

We have existential dependency indexes to show for our performance in the IT and Engineering Industry in the last 5years of serving the African market from our base in Lagos. Web Development, Engineering and R&D stands out the most in all our exertions. While we enviage reaching out to developing economies in Africa; Nairobi, Rwanda and South Africa, we continue to ensure excellent customer satisfaction all year round!

Engineering Systems90%
Information Technology Systems100%
Customer Satisfaction85%
Research & Development90%
Working Hours

Home & Industrial Automation

Realise your Smart Homes, control security, entertainment, lighting and climate with a single device. PLC Programming for Industrial Engineering needs in process automation[…]

IT Solution & Consultancy

General Web & Mobile App Developments, deploying ERPs, CRMs and other process documentation Softwares, we can digitalize your personal and business processes to increase productivity […]

Renewable Energy Solutions

Alternative Energy solutions for Power needs,including solar systems, Inveter systems and Hybrid Systems, either for personal or industrial needs. Reliable Renewable Energy solutions you can trust[…]

Security Systems Solutions

Ranging from Assets and Vehicle Tracking to remote monitoring using GPS and CCTV instrumentation, we offer security solutions for commercial and personal space to enhance and guarantee a safe facility[…]

Research & Development

Design and Development of Engineering and related Tech contrivance is part of our expertise. We render detailed analytics for new market entrants and furnish actionable recommendations in related project development life cycles[…]

We are coming from the future and taking you there >>>