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Home Automation

Control Your Space

Smart Lighting

Handsfree Lighting

Hands free operation of the illumination of your space is not just luxury but also serve great convenience when you are preoccupied. However, the keypad features of your smart switches and handhels also compliments thesame essence.

Voice Recognition/Activation

Effect control with your programmable unique voice recognition option. When your hands are busy, you can tell your kitchen lights to come on. Residens and family can enjoy this option as a convenience.

Simplified Remote Controls

One button control for your numerous lighting points. Control external lights and surround lights with specified timing programs. The ease and adaptive machine learning algorithms would ease your effort.

Personalized Home Entertainment Systems

Multi-Room Audio

The interconnectivity of sound in your home and your ability to control it can become a powerful tool when you have guest, fellowship times, family meetings or personal quiet times.

Control What Plays When!

Regulate the sound of your alarm music in the morning! Select the choice of song that plays in every room when you are alone or when a guest is visiting! Unify the sound energy in your home!

Audio Visual Systems

Viewing audio visual content comes alive with a surround sound and lighting effect. Our automation integration perfects your experience by programming your interest into your content.

Home Theatres/Cinema Experience

Cinematic Experience in your home is a top-of-the-world feeling that only home automation can render! Sound and light blends in real-virtual styles with simplified singular remote control.

Enhanced Control + Voice

Control the lights and the sound in and around your space with the push of a button. Do it while you home or away! Remote access granted at your authorization.

Cutting Edge Technology

Trading off quality and cost, we compliment your taste with the finest quality speakers and network devices, that ensures efficient control of your automated space at all times.

High Definition Sound & Pictures

Your home can come alive with some of the best wall or ceiling embeded speakers, optimizing what you hear that blends with the High definition organic light emitting 4K video outputs, to complete your pleasurable experience!

Personalize your Settings

Intuitive controls can be achieved with a personal preference unique to you! In your room or sitting area, perhaps the home theatre, your volume and lighting effect an be saved and repeated with one recall button on your remote control.

Intercom Systems

Depending on the size and need of your home, we can deploy home intercom systems with ports that corresponds to every room, living area or lounge. So you can reach out with a simple unified control board. In this way, the privacy of communication is not traded off because of the expanse of your home. Secured communication and automated messages can be programmed to achieve your interest either at anniversary times or emergency response situations. Your access is unlimited while you are home or away.

Home Security Systems

A synchronized system of light and sound can be achieved to trigger smart locks and reduce access depending on the observed situation around your space at any time. From the closed circuit data, alarms can be triggered and locks activated from within and withal your building. Manual overrides exist to counter check false situations.

Remotely monitor and grant access to your space as a control measure to restrict access and also keep logs of trafffic in your home. The combined use of the CCTV feeds, Biometric Locks, Lighting and Alarm systems, can improve your feeling of security at home and also while you are away! How amazing to have a simplified unified control?


Super Intuitive Controls, Recreating home experience for you and your family, including guest, is another level of living you deserve since you can afford it!

Interaction with your space will never be thesame! We start at the inception of your building development, even though we can make retrofits for already finished buildings!

You can contact us so we x-ray your interest and provide you actionable details that informs you on budget requirements. When your Home becomes Paradise, you'd never recall the cost!