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IT Solutions & Consultancy

Individual & Corporate

Mind Your Digital Footprints

We Provide Roadmaps

Like never before, how we live as corporations, organizations or individuals is now being validated by how we exist in the virtual space of the internet. Your presence in the latter can enhance your value in the real world! We have a roadmap! To position you where you are going!

Communication is Promotion

We sustain the links

Creating Awesome Digital Experience

We have established ourselves over the years, on multiple projects creating interactive digital experiences, to enhance and capture customers' interest, establish e-users trust and assure clients loyalty, all to the success of your brand. Brands perception must meet brand expectations as espoused by existing and prospective clients. With your concept and vision, we can develop content and infographics that remove all ambiguity and communicates value to end users. Our expertise would not only save your time but also, your brand!

Turn Ideas To Digital Products

You will earn!

With numerous successfully implemented Projects, NoviaWorks Transforms imprecise ideas into sellable digital products, optimizing digital presence to create availability of these solutions to desirous users, you should be a beneficiary of our work.

Give Form To Your Ideas

Let's Design Your Results

Strategy Design

With the end in mind, we can work back the roadmap to achieve the audience reach and the customer engagement for your age range, location or demography of interest. 

Infographics Design

Presenting your message in simple and clear catchy designs can improve customer engagement! From the colour to the design and cliches, we showcase your work!

Web Development

Your primary presence on the web can be enhanced by the quality of website and web apps you maintain. We can audit performance, track your visitors and convert feedbacks. 

Mobile App Development

Every handheld device goes with its owner everywhere. Your App on the Apple store or the Play Store is a good way to ensure customer accessibility. Let's develop together for you!

SEO Marketing

The keywords and appropriate contents that positions you on the web crawlers preferred results is essential to be imposing online. The dynamics can be deployed to enhance your rating. 

Online Advertising

Today, you can reach the specific type of customers or audience you desire with moderately decent budget. When we promote you, the budget would not be a limitation.

Account Management

The busy schedules never allow many thought leaders to share their desired epoche making contents. We have researched this and provided special digital assistants to help out.

Social Media Management

You can use Social Media to achieve what ever you desire in this age and time! However, you dont want to achieve the unitended alongside. This is where we augment your effort.

Plan customizable on Request


PlaySource Unltd as subsidiary of NoviaWorks Desigs client-centric digital branding plan presenting tradeoffs of budget specification and the scope of promotion. However, from experience, we find the under stated plan structure delibrate and resourceful in projecting the requirements to enhance your web presence as individual or corporation. The goal to repositioning your brand or positioning yourself in the mainstream of media attention is both achievable and enjoyable. We would create identities to communicate your brand value to leave a remarkable impact. This is because our strategy would address context, culture, audience and all essentials.

Basic Plan

Suitable for starters
NGN15,000/ MO
  • Profile Enhancement
  • Account Security
  • 0 Followers Engagement
  • 4 Post Weekly
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Advanced Plan

Suitable for professionals
NGN30,000/ MO
  • Account Optimization
  • Account Security
  • Followers Engagement
  • 10 Posts Weekly
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Enterprise Plan

Suitable for corporations
NGN50,000/ MO
  • Digital Publishing
  • Account Security
  • Audience Analytics
  • 100% Responsiveness
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