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Industrial Automation

Man-Machine Systems Integration

Sensors & Actuators

In partnership with established OEMs like GE, ABB, Siemens etc, we pride ourselves in the procurement and supply of top quality actuators & sensors for industrial systems: Limit sensors, proximity sensors, pressure sensors etc.

Installation & Calibrations

Applying our expertise and industrial experience, we deploy and calibrate systems, while integrating new devices with existing ones in least possible downtime without loss of efficiency while meeting OEM requirements.

PLC Programming

Programming SIMATIC Modules in Integrated Automation requires proper integration of sensors, control devices and actuating devices to process the feedback data and ensure optimal efficiency. We offer superior expertise here!

Repair & Maintenance

Wear and tear would always necessitate the repair and replacement of vital machine and automation components. We carry out preventative and corrective maintenance routines to ensure efficient productivity for your factory operations!

Automation & Control

The application of the data collected as electrical signals by different sensors give the actual conditions of process parameters.

This in turn compares with the control parameter and an appropriate magnitude is effected by actuators. This co-ordinated feeds requires proper installation, calibration, programming and supervisory control for optimal production process. Our team of expert Systems Engineer can attend your concerns!

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Distribution Control Systems employing the use of Human Machine Interface (HMI) amongst other control devices is a Supervising Control Level we deploy on demand!

PLCs and CNCs

We deploy Computer Numerical Controls and Programmable Logic Controllers: integrating varying modules, actuators of Solenoid valves, DC Motors, Servo Motors etc for efficient production operations. 

AI & Robotics

Applying the cutting edge tech of deep learning and machine learning, we study operations and create algorithms  that work better!