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Renewable Energy Solutions

Sustainable Solar Energy Solution

The world is moving towards Renewable Energy solutions and we are helping our world to realise same. Applying solar panels, charge controllers, efficient batteries and proper maintenance, we create the energy haven for homes and businesses while sustaining the environment. Energy Audits of technical power ratings and installation services are value added if you'd contact us today!

Rural Development Solar Applications

Projects involving the application of renewable energy solutions to enhance and ensure perational efficiency is also our expertise. We build solutions to makeup for the remote disadvantages at rural locations. This area of focus is a fundamental interest of our company, because we want to be a source of solution besides profiteering ends.

Inverters & Hybrid Solar Solutions

Integrating Solar Panels with direct or alternating power sources, can be very effective and reliable to cater for quick replenishment of consumed energy. Let us design your energy solutions after an effective energy audit at your choice home or workstation. The overall recurring operational cost can have high percentage reductions.

Wind Energy

Wind Energy can be very effective in areas with high wind supply, like your commercial famrs and country homes. We procure and install clean windwills that would meet your power rating and general energy requirements.Products exist and quality vary with price, meaning there're options for your budget provisions!

Instrumentation & Installations

Following your inquiry, we offer Energy Audits, Material Selection, Systems Design and General Energy Consultancy, alongside Installation and Maintenance of your Energy Solutions whether existent or new.